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Welcome to Enthoalis website!
A DragonNest PvP and PvE Guild.


Enthoalis is a mash up and stringed together word whose meaning comes out to the description of a Promised land, a paradise. As such, we strive to provide members with something close to that. A helpful, active and friendly helping hand that does not, under any circumstance, judge you.

Our focus is to help, and we strive to do so to the best of our ability. To better ourselves and to better the knowledge of others, and finally but certainly not least, to never forget to have fun while playing a game.

In the arena or out on the field with monsters, our mission stays the same.
Guild News

Races, Hunts, Fights and People!

Catalylia, Jul 23, 13 11:15 AM.
(I must have typed this event three times!)
Race To Glory! (Accepting Donations)
~A Derby Race to find our best Jockey!
~Send mail to Mirayla with 20 Gold to enter.
~Race is a set of three. First cuts out the slowest four, the second new next slowest two.
~The prize without any donations factored in is :
200 Gold, 100 Dimensional Keys and 25 Quality Diamonds.
(Please remember Miraly
(Other events lateryla's name is spalled M I R A Y i A

Re-vamp of systems

Catalylia, Jul 23, 13 9:16 AM.
Enthoalis is going through a systems change. What does that mean for you all? Well what it generally means in your cases is that many things are going to look different. Rather quickly, you might even think they popped up out of nowhere. XD I assure you however many of the things are just being moved around so they are more noticeable.

-Re-launch of our Youtube Channel.
-Organization of Guild documents and guides.
-New Events
-Testing of Voice Chat servers. (I was doing this for a while, and still am I just thought you would want to know that.

I'm not done yet!

Catalylia, Jun 2, 13 4:19 PM.
The site looks different! But I'm not done yet guys, not done yet...
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"Why is this dungeon so difficult? - Sacrcasm "Because Aliens." "No, because Bacon!" "No silly fools, because of Mutant xeno spiders...that eat bacon." - Catalylia "No, Dead Poochums." "I like my answer better..."-Catalylia "LOL"

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